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My PDF Library for GLP Thread: Practical Prepping Protocol even if Poor There are tons of women out there, just don't be clingy and desperate because women can smell that from a . There's only so many books i can read, exercise i can do, walks i can go on with my dog. .. OP, just get a girlfriend. My. My Clingy Girlfriend – the title gives away two things about the book. 1) It is from the man's perspective. 2) It is about a girlfriend who is. Download pdf free My Clingy Girlfriend by Madhuri Banerjee. Recommended for people who want to read some light-hearted fiction. P.S. If you have a clingy.

The only downside—she is clingy. Will he finally be able to confront his girlfriend and resolve the issues with her or will he ever find the courage to break up with her? These are questions that remain with you till the very last pages of My Clingy Girlfriend.

The story is entertaining; the narrative simple, racy and reads like a Bollywood masala film. Ladies, you may or not want to read this one, but make sure you make your man read this book. This clingy girlfriend will make every man in a relationship count his blessings. In order to access website you need to accept our cookie policy. View cookie policy. Subscribe to Femina. Tanya Chaitanya Editor Femina India. Home Life Books Book: My Clingy Girlfriend. Next Story: Here's how you can delay your hair from greying.

Site Blocked In order to access website you need to accept our cookie policy. That being said, you will find no promotion of manipulation or anything even remotely harmful in this book. Like everything of significance, the power contained in these pages can be used for both good and evil.

I leave it to you, the reader, to be mature enough to use this information only for purposes of good. As an individual coming from the seduction community, I noticed a definite lack of any and all information regarding long term relationships.

In fact, I began to get the distinct impression that it was almost frowned upon. Maybe this phenomenon was merely the result of a lack of proper information on relationships. Or maybe none of these people actually knew how to foster a real relationship that actually worked. Matt Hustons Train Your Girlfriend Manual Page 6 Although Ive certainly had my fun as a result of the things Ive learned during my time spent in this underground seduction movement, Ive always been more of a relationship kind of guy.

I mean, whats not to like about a never ending supply of easy, unprotected sex, friendship and fun? Which is exactly what a relationship provides, by the way. The vast majority of guys who enter into the seduction community actually just want to find a decent girlfriend who they can have fun with, fall in love with, etc. Unfortunately, many lose sight of this original goal in the pursuit of sex with multiple, random women.

Many end up falling into a cycle of validation driven pickup. They derive their self worth form the number of women they can sleep with. A sad existence indeed. To which I couldnt agree more. Long term relationships are a worthy goal and I can promise you that no matter how painful a breakup may be, the good times you had with that person will always outweigh the bad.

Love, as traditionally defined, is and always will be a worthy pursuit. You should be incredibly excited to be a part of it. I know I am. Never before in human existence have women been considered our equals. Never before have there been reliable contraceptives available, virtually irradiating the risk of sex for both men and women. Yet in the midst of this awesomeness, we have lost something. With the feminist movement came a great deal of [much needed] power to women.

Literally for all of human history, women had been repressed and controlled by men. Even today, in some countries, women routinely have their clitoris removed at a very young age. This is done so they will not experience any sexual pleasure. What a wonderful place to live, Im sure. It is truly a marvel that we as a modern society have progressed so far as to finally give women the equality and rights they have for so long deserved. But with this new movement came the loss of something special.

Something nobody could point out without being labelled sexist. This transitional period was a time of over-sensitivity and intense political correctness. Open discussion on this matter was strictly prohibited, to the detriment of society. Within the last years, women have slowly become more masculine while men have slowly become more feminine. In our drive for equality we have failed to recognize that while men and women are indeed equal, we are still biologically different creatures.

We are not identical; especially when it comes to what we are attracted to. You see, there is a natural polarity of the sexes. There are specific things that we as a species are genetically programmed to be attracted to. Millions of years of human evolution have ensured this. Evolution does not know what political correctness means. In the midst of this marvellous revolution, we men have forgotten what it means to be men.

What we have lost is indeed our sense of usefulness. In the past, women needed men to survive. Our function was to provide security; a function that has since been deemed obsoMatt Hustons Train Your Girlfriend Manual Page 9 lete.

We are now in a state of perpetual limbo, unsure of where we fit into the grand scheme of things. We have lost our way. In order to understand how you can take back control of your relationship, you must first come to understand how and why you lost control in the first place. There are only rare exceptions to this.

By merely getting yourself into a long term relationship, you have proven that you are in fact attractive to the opposite sex. At some point, you made her feel feminine. All that is required is for you to maintain the natural polarity of the sexes. You simply need to continue behaving in an attractive manner.

Dont worry; well be covering that in later chapters. The higher your standards are, the easier it will be to actually attract a woman in the first place, believe it or not. This stems from the fact that women are inherently attracted to men of high value, and men of high value have standards. High standards. Regardless of whether or not you currently have a girlfriend, I want you to get out a piece of paper, a pen and answer the following questions: What are the important qualities you desire in a girlfriend?

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Why are those things important to you? List a number of reservations you have when it comes to entering into a long term relationship. In other words, what are your fears? If somebody wrote a list of things about you that fit their needs in a partner, what would they be? What do you most enjoy in life? What do you most appreciate about yourself? I know those questions are deep, but they are absolutely necessary if you are to select a quality long term girlfriend.

Realize that the above questions are not so much about your girlfriend, as they are about YOU. You must know yourself before you can ever hope to trust your own judgment enough to select a long term mate or even to stay with your current girlfriend. Matt Hustons Train Your Girlfriend Manual Page 12 The Answers You need to know what you want in a girl before you even consider getting yourself into a long term relationship.

Answer the questions before you continue reading on, else you will only be doing yourself a disservice. Knowing exactly what you want in a woman will only serve to make you more attractive. Women want a man who knows what he wants in life, which includes knowing what qualities he looks for in woman.

Only high value men are selective and the rest have no standards beyond nice tits and a nice ass. Now, dont get me wrong.

Nice tits and a nice ass are important to me. Im a guy and I have my desires.

I make no apologies for that. However, a girl with nice tits and a nice ass with absolutely nothing going on upstairs will not result in a satisfying long term relationship. I know this from personal experience.

Which brings me to Compatibility Im generally not a huge fan of traditional relationship advice. It usually encourages overly submissive behavior on the mans part, which I strongly disagree with. However, when it comes to the age old advice on being compatible, I would definitely have to agree. Opposites do not attract.

I believe that advice originally stems from the observation of sweet and innocent women fawning over bad boys like James Dean. Women will always be attracted to masculine men, regardless of their common interests. There is no denying this. However, if you are to have any long term success in terms of happiness at least , you need to be with a woman you enjoy for reasons other than physical beauty. Like everything in life, that shiny, pretty face will eventually fade away, leaving what behind? And even if you Matt Hustons Train Your Girlfriend Manual Page 13 dont end up growing old together, you will eventually become desensitized by her beauty.

Youll grow tired of it, and desire a fresh face. Your relationship needs to be based on more than just physical lust. There truly has to be a strong friendship behind the scenes; and as much as I distrust traditional relationship advice for men at least , I wholeheartedly stand by this old piece of wisdom.

Common Passion Wondering why I made you list what you are passionate about in life? Its simple really. You and your potential girlfriend should share a common passion. This truly is one of those oh-so-obvious yet oh-sooverlooked things. So many guys just jump into a relationship with either the first hot chick that shows a bit of interest in him or the first woman who presents herself as a challenge. Dont fall into that trap. Figure out what you have fun doing in life and find a woman who shares as many of those same passions as possible.

Even if its just one, it will be more than enough, considering most couples share a total of zero passions. This really is important because you dont ever want to change who you are as a person just to fit into your girlfriends reality.

Madhuri Banerjee

Now, if you already have a girlfriend, and you think you dont share any particular passion, I recommend you try to get her involved in any hobbies or other interests you have. Suck her into your reality and make sure she has a great time in it. Matt Hustons Train Your Girlfriend Manual Page 14 Matt Hustons Train Your Girlfriend Manual Page 15 he most important thing to know when getting into a long term relationship is that the deeper you both progress into the relationship, the more significant inner game becomes.

Inner game is your collective beliefs, attitudes and generally how you view yourself as a person. It adversely affects your frame and your behavior. If you sincerely view yourself positively, as a prize and as a man of high value, you will naturally behave in an attractive manner.

If you view yourself negatively and approach the relationship with a what can I do to make her like me more and keep her interested attitude, you will consequently behave in all the wrong ways. Ive put a lot of thought into why men do things for women and I think Ive come to a pretty solid conclusion.

It all comes down to your underlying intentions. Guys do and say things like spending money, saying I love you, complimenting, etc for two main reasons: 1. To gain her acceptance and approval. Men will download their girlfriend diamonds, shoes, cloths, expensive dinners you name it - all as a means to download her affections. Men will say I love you much too soon in a relationship because they want their girlfriend to love them back, just like when they download her material possessions so she will like them more.

Its an act of needy desperation; one in which women and men for that matter can smell a mile away. In fact, youve probably experienced this yourself. Because they genuinely care about the others happiness and the act of giving makes them happy. Have you ever given a gift to your mother or a close friend just to see the look on their face? And when their eyes lit up, you felt all warm and fuzzy inside?

The act of giving the gift actually made you happy! Thats the place you should be coming from whenever you do some- Matt Hustons Train Your Girlfriend Manual Page 16 thing for your girlfriend. You dont even have to say it - she will just know. Frame everything you do for your girlfriend as a gift from you to her. Every time youre going to do something for her, stop first and ask yourself what your underlying intentions are.

Is it to gain her acceptance and approval, or because seeing her happy makes you all warm and fuzzy inside? Whether youre spending money on her, saying I love you, driving her around, or whatever: Make sure youre doing it because it makes you happy to see her happy.

Never do something for her because you think shes losing interest in you or because you want her to care for you more. I promise you it will have the complete opposite effect. Matt Hustons Train Your Girlfriend Manual Page 17 Matt Hustons Train Your Girlfriend Manual Page 18 any of you who bought this book will undoubtedly be in a relationship currently, in which case you can choose to skip over this section.

However, many of you will have bought this to prepare yourselves for any future relationships you may enter into. Smart move. Fortunately for you, transitioning into a long term relationship is very simple.

Women are hard wired to want a relationship with a man who is providing her with frequent, good sex. All that is required is for you to let the woman worry about the transition. Its her job to advance the relationship past casual sex. In other words, she needs to pop the question.

I remember many years ago, I was casually dating this one girl.

My Clingy Girlfriend

Although she was very young eighteen and was sexually active, she didnt want to have sex with me because as she put it Ive slept with too many guys and I dont want you thinking Im a slut.

I saw something special in this girl and so I didnt really push her for sex. I could see that it genuinely bothered her and so we chose to pleasure each other in alternative ways, which I actually enjoy more than sex itself, so I could honestly have cared less. When we finally did end up having sex, fourth date she immediately told me that since we had sex we were officially dating and that I had no say in the matter.

I think she was only half joking, but nevertheless I just smiled and said I accept. And thus began our relationship. The point of that story is to highlight the fact that I didnt bother worrying about the label we placed on us. I let her worry about it and she eventually popped the question, even if it was only in a half joking way. If she wants to be in a relationship with you, she will find a way to bring up the subject eventually. Now with that said, if you want to make it past the transitional period, you need to behave in a very specific manner directly after sex.

This is not the time to roll over and go to sleep, or even worse, act moody and rude toward her. The post sex cuddle is the most critical transitional period, as it will indicate to the woman whether or not you want Matt Hustons Train Your Girlfriend Manual Page 19 to move things to the next level.

If you behave negatively, she will assume you only want sex and she will quickly cut her losses. What you should be doing after sex: Cuddling with her. Talking, having fun and laughing together. Being gentle and caressing her.

Kissing her on the forehead. Going out for food. I dont want you to follow the above like some sort of script.

It is just a list of examples to show that post-sex is the time to really be affectionate. It demonstrates that you want an actual long term relationship and women need to see this behavior to verify your intentions. Its also very important to note that the first time you have sex with her, you need to call her the next day. If you fail to do this, she will more than likely feel used and neglected.

Her anti-slut-defence will go up and youll be fighting an uphill battle from that point on. I recommend you make things easy for yourself and call her the next day if your intentions are indeed to keep her as a long term girlfriend. Maybe that girl was even in love with you at one point. Were you left wondering where did I go wrong? Do you want to know what the key to long lasting attraction in a relationship is?

I can tell you that it isnt some trick or gimmick. It isnt some line you can feed her. No, its actually more profound than any of that. You see, women want to feel feminine and in order for them to really feel feminine, they must be in the presence of a masculine man.

The real key to long lasting attraction is for you to exhibit the traits of a masculine man; to fulfill your natural role of masculinity. Her genetic code demands that she feel feminine when around her mate. The more you can facilitate her feelings of femininity, the stronger her attraction for you will grow over time. Think back to any failed relationship you may have had in the past. When things started to go wrong, were you acting more and more submissive and your girlfriend more and more dominant?

This is indeed why most relationships end. The woman begins to feel masculine and the man begins to feel feminine.

This reversal of roles literally kills any and all attraction. The key to lasting attraction, in short, is a polarization between the sexes.

The man assumes the role of dominant leader and the woman assumes the role of submissive follower.

As sexist as this all may sound to some, you must realize that its genetic. This is literally how we are programmed to feel and behave! Evolution doesnt know what its like to be politically correct. The great thing about all of this is that you dont need to force your girlfriend into any particular role, one way or the other. In fact, if you try to force submission upon her, your relationship will quickly end.

You simply need to focus on fulfilling the role of a mature, masculine Matt Hustons Train Your Girlfriend Manual Page 22 man and she will automatically fall into the role of submissive follower. No force or controlling behavior required! None of this means you need to transform yourself into an asshole, by the way. Masculinity is not equal to immaturity. Father Frame I believe that women are inherently attracted to men who are like their father. Whenever I start dating a new woman, I find myself intently observing her father.

Not because I want to change my personality and become like him, but rather to better judge whether or not my new girlfriend and I are a good match.

I am not advocating you become like her father by any means, but rather that you assume the mindset of a protective father. This especially applies when punishing her. You must do it because you care about her it is for her own good and not out of insecurity and the desire to control her. Much like any good father there are plenty of bad ones , you must assume the role of mature mentor.

You must become her strong leader. Her rock. Lead from a position of love. They want to be taken in hand and shown the way. I could go on and on as to why this is evolutionarily accurate, but I will spare you the unnecessary details.

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Right now, the only important thing you must know is how to properly lead a woman. For starters, be the one to make plans. Next time youre planning a date, know where you are going, how you will be getting there and at what time. Take it a step further and tell her what you want her to wear. Baby, I think that little black dress is super sexy. Wear it tonight.

Youll even find that most women will ask you what they should wear. I never even noticed this until I started telling them what I wanted to see on them. I think it is their way of pushing us to lead them. I doubt they even realize it themselves. Decisive Knowing what you want in life and going for it is yet another very attractive masculine quality.

This trait really compliments leadership, because you have to be decisive in order to effectively lead in the first place. Next time your girlfriend asks you what do you want to do tonight baby? Just take the initiative and throw something out there. Were going to go for coffee and then wherever that takes us. Just say anything. Dont think it has to be something fabulous. As long as you say something, youre on the right path. Even when youre at the movies, know which movie you want to go see.

You dont have to fight with her over seeing a particular show, but at least know what it is you personally want to see. If she disagrees, recommend a second movie, etc. Decisiveness is a quality that develops the more you use it. I used to be a horribly indecisive person.

I finally realized that: When you come to a fork in the road, take it. Self-Assured Be assertive, be assertive, be assertive! To be self-assured is to not compromise your own opinions to better fit others.

You need to believe in the power of you. Let go of the fear of being judged by your girlfriend and speak your mind more. You dont have to be an ass about it either; you just need to be firm and know where you stand.

Scenario: Youre out shopping with your girlfriend. The Wrong Way: You: I really like this shirt. Her: Really? I dont. It looks like something a bum would wear. You: Yeah. I guess youre right. I wont get it then. The Right Way: You: I really like this shirt. You liked the shirt and so you bought it. Women respect this type of masculine attitude immensely. You didnt start a fight over it or turn it into a dominance struggle. You just played it off as silly. Imagine yourself driving down the highway with your girlfriend, only to come to a traffic jam.

A bloody long one too. You respond by immediately cursing at the drivers in front of you, laying on the horn and generally just acting pissed off. Now, how mature is that? Your lady is going to lose respect for you right then and there. Instead, you should take the opportunity to have some fun with her. Joke around about something, talk about all the fun stuff you plan on doing that week.

Get her to give you a blow job. If that doesnt calm you down, I dont know what will. About a year ago, I took a past girlfriend on a date to the local park.

We arrived at around AM.

It was the middle of the night. We ended up just running around, rolling in the wet grass and played on the slide. We basically just goofed around and got to know each other better for two hours. At around AM it started raining, so we ran back to my car.

Me being the amazingly intelligent guy that I am apparently forgot to shut the lights off. The battery was dead and it was in the morning. Who the hell would be around to give me a boost? I was pretty pissed at first, but then I decided to take this impossibly un-smooth situation and turn it into something awesome. I looked at my girlfriend, licked my lips and grabbed her by the collar. Get over here I whispered, with a seductive look in my eyes.

I pulled her in close and could feel her heart beating fast. We had wild sex for three hours in my back seat. After that, I put in a really corny CD with love songs how did that get in my deck? She drew hearts on the steam covered back windows.

Matt Hustons Train Your Girlfriend Manual Page 27 When daylight came and everyone was off to work, I told my girlfriend to go ask random guys in a seductive voice if they would give her a boost. The first guy she asked accepted eagerly.

Most guys would have just flipped out and ruined the whole night for themselves and their girl. Modest For some reason, modesty is often equated with weakness. This could not be any farther from the truth. In fact, it is the man with true inner strength who can disqualify himself and resist the urge to let others place him on a pedestal.

Keep in mind that being modest is not about putting yourself down; it is about not letting others place you atop a pedestal. Many of us are so under appreciated that whenever anyone says something nice about us, we immediately agree and even take it as an opportunity to start bragging.

Dont let yourself fall into this trap. Sincerely thank the person for their compliment and move on. Approval Giving We men are pretty touchy with our approval. For some odd reason we feel as though its needy or validation seeking, when in fact it is anything but.

Wayne Elise a famous Pickup Artist describes approval as a sort of currency. If you never spend it, its the same as having none. If you have no value, you cannot give value away. Its a simple concept really. Men of power and influence are never afraid to give genuine praise and appreciation for others. They have value, they know it and they are not afraid to share it.

Take Donald Trump for example. Regardless of whether you like him or not, he is the most approval giving example of an alpha male I can think of.

If youve ever seen him in an interview, no matter what, he is always going on about how awesome everyone around him is. I met her briefly during dinner at the Ritz once.

Shes a beautiful girl. Very intelligent and well mannered. I love her sense of style too. Just marvellous. Women dont like men who continually take approval from them. In other words, men who put down and make fun of them. They know it comes from a place of insecurity and a desire to lower everyone else to their own level. Note that Im not talking about teasing here. I highly encourage playful teasing. Approval can be extremely addictive.

Think of it as your own personal drug that you feed the woman in your life. I mean, its actually much more effective than sticking a nicotine patch on her arm while she sleeps and removing it in the morning, so shell associate the craving for nicotine with you. If somebody e-mails me saying that didnt work, Im going to pee my pants! But seriously, your approval works in much the same way.

You want her associating good feelings with you, and approval is exactly what that provides. As a people, we are generally very under appreciated, so when somebody is unafraid to show genuine appreciation for them and what they can do, it feels very good.

In fact, as you will come to read in later sections of this book, approval is one of the main ways in which you will go about training your girlfriend to love, appreciate and respect you. Ambitious Ambition is unbelievably sexy to women.

Train Your Girlfriend

It is one of the ultimate attraction switches. You see, women dont particularly want men who are wealthy; they want men who are ambitious. In other words, wealthy men are attractive to women not because they are wealthy, but because their wealth demonstrates ambition. It is true even today that the most ambitious men are the most successful. They will stay with a man who is ambitious, over a man who is wealthy and not ambitious.

Im going to venture a guess that millions of years ago, the most ambitious cavemen were also the most successful. They led their tribes, brought home the best food, received favouritism from other cavemen, etc, etc. Their ambition paid out huge dividends to the women they eventually mated with. Now with that said, you must realize that ambition isnt something that can be faked. You need to actually be ambitious, to one degree or another.

Its easy to fake ambition with stories when you first meet a woman, but when youre in a long term relationship, actions speak louder than words. Women will judge you not by the grandiose stories you tell them, but by the things you demonstrate via your actions. Keep in mind that ambition is not all about wealth. You can be a very ambitious hippie if you really want.

You know, hippies save trees and stuff. Thats their ambition! And a pretty damn good one I might add. Whats important is that you set goals for yourself and strive for them; just like the leaders of Green Peace or even the filthy rich executives at Exxon.

Both extremes have an ambition that gives their lives purpose. Make your life goals known to your girlfriend. In fact, encourage her to share her own life goals and aspirations with you. Figure out what you are passionate about in life, what your life purpose is.

Knowing these things will only serve to better your life in more ways than just making your girlfriend extremely attracted to you. Being externally validation oriented is the hallmark of a man with low self esteem.

As you know, men of high value have very high confidence and equally high self esteem. If youre one of those guys whos always looking to his girlfriend to see if its okay for him to do this or that, you really need to look into changing that bad habit. Women are genetically pre-programmed to want a man who is self reliant. Be that man! Controlling Behavior For some reason, when men get into relationships, they start to view their girlfriend as property.

This is the completely wrong attitude to have. You see, men who attempt to control their girlfriends are really doing so from a place of insecurity. Perhaps they feel threatened by other guys, or they want her attention focused solely on them and not on her other girlfriends.

In any case, this behavior is needy, weak and far from masculine.

It demonstrates to your girlfriend that you are threatened, and only low value men feel threatened. Scenario: Youre at a club and your girlfriend starts dancing with another guy. The Wrong Way: You immediately jump into controlling boyfriend mode, march over to her with a look of stone on your face and mouth through your teeth: what do you think youre doing? Maybe you even grab her hand, pull her to the side of the dance floor and demand she not dance with other guys.

As long as shes not making out with him, its no sweat off your back. Shes just having fun dancing with some dude who is nothing compared to you. Who she dances with is her own business. You know that if she ends up doing something stupid like making out with him, then shes clearly not worth it and youll dump her immediately.

This is you testing her loyalty. Its your way of filtering out the worthless bitches. Examples of men trying to control their girlfriends: Insist she not go to parties and bars without him present. Follow their girlfriend around and generally hover over her while at these parties, bars and clubs.

Try to stop her from hanging out with other men. Ask her a million and one questions: Where were you last night? Who was that guy I saw you talking with before? Who are you hanging out with this weekend? He who is the least controlling, controls the relationship. Write that out one hundred times if you have to. Jealousy Jealous and controlling behavior goes hand-in-hand.

This is because when feeling jealous, men will often try to control the situation in an attempt to make those feelings go away.

Were always trying to fix things, us men. Scenario: Your girlfriend tells you shes hanging out with an old friend from high school.And will give you forty-five missed calls in the sixty minutes you put your phone on silent for an office presentation. Spending time apart is a very important aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship.

She drew hearts on the steam covered back windows. Matt Hustons Train Your Girlfriend Manual Page 6 Although Ive certainly had my fun as a result of the things Ive learned during my time spent in this underground seduction movement, Ive always been more of a relationship kind of guy. Matt Hustons Train Your Girlfriend Manual Page 17 Matt Hustons Train Your Girlfriend Manual Page 18 any of you who bought this book will undoubtedly be in a relationship currently, in which case you can choose to skip over this section.

Youll even find that most women will ask you what they should wear. Not to mention the fact shes probably telling the truth and he really is just an old friend. Some Examples Scenario: Your girlfriend gives you the old not tonight routine.