BGV B11 PDF - In Germany for example the regulation BGV B11 has to be applied. The safe operation of demagnetizers requires the observance of exposure. BGV B11 2h/d. Germany. ICNIRP General Pub. International. BGV B11 Area 1. Germany. IEEE C Upper Tier. International. BGV B11 Area 2. Germany. effects on health. Legislators have reacted to this with various standards and regulations, such as BImschV, DIN VDE , BGV B11,. EN, etc. and by.

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Content. – Basics. – International recommendations according to ICNIRP. – Accident prevention regulation BGV B11 (Germany). – Electromagnetic exposure of. PDF | Directive /35/EU of the European Parliament and Council recommends the weighted domain is described in BGV B11 ( Berufsgenossenschaft der. Limiting value (50 Hz): µT (BGV B11);. µT ( BImSchV). Distance Magnetic induction. Monitor. 3 cm. 0, µT. Monitor. 30 cm. 0,,0 µT. Computer.

Impact bvv the transformed time frame on WPM in the frequency domain The fast convolution on which WPM in the frequency domain is based is performed in practice with the aid of discrete Fourier transformation DFT rather than Fourier transformation. If the value of 1. Isotropic probes capture all three orthogonal field components simultaneously.

Others have tried to give a rationale for the BGV B11 method Heinrichbut the argumentation there is not comprehensible. If bvv spectrum of the field source to be assessed is unknown, however, the peak value in the frequency band starting from the low frequency measurement instruments cutoff frequency up to 10 MHz should be measured with a high frequency measurement instrument b an EI calculated for this frequency range.

However, the application of the method to three examples of more realistic signals has been demonstrated there. All currently available measurement systems sample either g t or s t.


It is therefore clear that the field quantity swing relevant to stimulation is the peak value and not the peak-to-peak value of the field characteristic. Correct conclusions made for high frequencies and short times are wrongfully applied to low frequencies and long times. All currently known commercial measuring devices that use WPM only operate in the time domain using first order filter elements and reliably deliver bgb correct results.

Because BGM is based on only one time signal, it cannot always be applied using isotropic probes. Definition of transfer function W f The reference levels R f are generally stated as magnitudes bggv the form of a table. So, there is no upper limit for very short pulses, n11 if there were, a correct assessment would have to be more stringent than WPM, not less so.

The method of Rueckerl and Eichhorn only represents a very rough approximation in this transitional area. Because BGM is worded very intricately and only covers specific examples, eqn 26 is naturally not an exact description of BGM.


The sign of the incorrect estimation that occurs actually depends here strongly on the phase values of the neglected spectral components. Nevertheless, there is no comprehensible physical or biological reason for the systematic underestimation of the weighted peak value by V max.

Exposure limits that must be adhered to unconditionally are given for the DC component of the magnetic flux density. However, no conclusions relevant to this discussion can be drawn from this fact.

So, the principal component can be expressed as a suitable linear combination of the three probe signals. The weighting filter convolves the bgb quantity g t with an impulse response w twhere w t is the inverse Fourier transform of W f: The induction mechanism described in eqn 8 shows that the internal electric field strength is proportional to the time derivative of the external electric field or magnetic field:.

German Sustainable Building Council auditor. The assessment is correct at high frequencies.


At medium frequencies i. It also does not emulate the unnecessary overestimations at low frequencies and linear field changes or the negative effects of the unrealistic piecewise linear reference curves.

They cause artifacts bbgv lead to incorrect assessment results. Suffice it to say at this point that it may be considered to be definitely not negligible. Thus, reference curves applicable to protect the general public will contain higher safety factors than those applicable to protect employees at their working places. In particular, meeting the second condition requires a sound understanding of system theory.

The signal is therefore underestimated when compared to the first order high-pass filter realization.

All measuring devices have traceable calibration and are subject to in-house test equipment monitoring. Find articles by Helmut Keller. These misconceptions lead to the unnecessary overestimation of BGM at low frequencies and linear field changes that have already been discussed.

It is worth knowing that EI noise also increases proportionally to the square root of the measurement system bandwidth.Our business hours are from 9: You are covered by the site Money Back Guarantee if you receive an item that is not as described in the listing.

The maximum value of s t is only 0. Other shapes or pulsed fields, therefore, cannot be directly compared with the reference levels, so an unambiguous assessment method to handle any field characteristic is needed.

In this formula, the amplitudes of all spectral lines are divided by at the associated frequencies, after which these weighted amplitudes are added together.

This peak value is a measure of the exposure and is designated as the exposure index EI European Commission : Values of less than unity are permissible.


At Dalbani we like to differentiate between new, previously installed trabsistor usedand parts made by 3rd party manufacturers. The frequency range is divided into segments for which eqn 7 is valid: When displayed in log-log graphs, this gives piecewise linear reference-level curves. Please review our privacy policy.