Note for Software Project Management - SPM By JNTU Heroes. Note for Software Project Management - SPM by Bput Toppers. Note for Software Project Management - SPM by Kailash Bansal. Software Project Management (Unit-1) Notes for MCA final year. Software Project Management. Activities covered by project management. SPM Complete pdf notes. Please find the SPM Complete pdf notes download button above. Software Project Management Notes - SPM.

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Here is the unit wise notes For SPM download. Software Project Management Syllabus UNIT-1 UNIT-2 UNIT 3 UNIT 4 UNIT 5 UNIT 6. Software Project Management pdf - SPM notes pdf file Software Project Management pdf - SPM pdf notes - SPM notes pdf file to download are. SPM Lecture-Notes. 11/27/ Anurag Srivastava. 1. Programme management and project evaluation. 1. Main topics to be covered. • Programme.

A WBS item is the responsibility of only one individual, even though many people may be working on it. The WBS must be consistent with the way in which work is actually going to be performed; it should serve the project team first and other purposes only if practical.

Project team members should be involved in developing the WBS to ensure consistency and download-in. Each WBS item must be documented to ensure accurate understanding of the scope of work included and not included in that item.

The WBS must be a flexible tool to accommodate inevitable changes while properly maintaining control of the work content in the project according to the scope statement.

Problems with Estimating Problem is not well understood Little or no historical data No standards Management uses estimates as performance goals Developers are optimistic Customer demands quick estimates etc Standards and rules needed Lines of Code 3 Translate the number of LOC to assembly language line in order to make comparisons between programming languages e.

No industry standars for counting LOC Fixed costs are not included with coding Programmers may be rewarded for large LOC counts Distinguish between generated code and hand-crafted code Can not be used for normalizing if languages are different Only existing products and expert opinions can be used to predict a LOC count Function Points Idea: software is better measured in terms of the number and complexity of the functions that it performs Function points measure categories of end-user business functions Function Point Process Steps 1.

Count number of functions in each category outputs, inputs, interfaces etc.. Apply complexity weighting factors simple, medium, complex 3. Apply environmental factors 4. Calculate complexity adjustment factor 5.

Fundamentals of Software Project Management:

Compute adjusted function points 6. Count number of feature points in each category 2.

Count feature points algorithms 3. Evaluate environmental factors 5.

7.1 Analysing characteristics and properties of acids and

Calculate complexity adjustment factor 6. Adjust feature points 7.

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Here are some websites that provide resources like notes and past year papers for a range of subjects: These websites offer revision notes and tips on answering questions for a specific subject: We hope that these websites will help give your revision a boost. Good luck! Feeling tired?A project manager has to produce estimates of effort which affects costs, and of activity duration, which affect the delivery time.

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Bibekananda Datta. Directing giving instructions Monitoring checking on progress Controlling taking action to remedy hold-ups Innovating coming up with new solutions Representing liaising with clients, users, developer, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Lack of homogeneity of project experience What are estimates done? It should include a project justification a brief description of the projects products a summary of all project deliverables a statement of what determines project success Scope Planning and the Work Breakdown Structure After completing scope planning, the next step is to further define the work by breaking it into manageable pieces Good scope definition helps improve the accuracy of time, cost, and resource estimates defines a baseline for performance measurement and project control aids in communicating clear work responsibilities The Work Breakdown Structure A work breakdown structure WBS is an outcome-oriented analysis of the work involved in a project that defines the total scope of the project It is a foundation document in project management because it provides the basis for planning and managing project schedules, costs, and changes WBS WBS was initially developed by the U.

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The People: People of a project includes from manager to developer, from customer to end user. A project should successfully pass through each of the project phases in order to continue on to the next Management reviews also called phase exits or kill points should occur after each phase to evaluate the projects progress, likely success, and continued compatibility with organizational goals Distinguishing Project Life Cycles and Product Life Cycles The project life cycle applies to all projects, regardless of the products being produced Product life cycle models vary considerably based on the nature of the product Most large IT products are developed as a series of projects Project management is done in all of the product life cycle phases Capability Maturity Model The CMM is a process model based on software best-practices effective in large-scale, multi-person projects.

Life cycle phases: