Coke Zero Brand Identity Guidelines - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Coke Zero Brand Identity Guidelines. Guidelines will be provided for color usage, size . To develop a strong visual brand for the Coca-Cola Credit Union, the logo must be visually consistent. Simply put, the Brand Identity and Design Standards exist to provide clear, reliable and enduring guidance on how to use the Brand Elements.

Coca Cola Brand Guidelines Pdf

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As a brand, Coca Cola really promotes the notion of enjoying life and being happy. I feel as BRAND IDENTITY & DESIGN PRINCIPLES. Title: Coca Cola Brand Book, Author: Milly Hobbs, Name: Coca Cola OUR BRAND POSITIONING OUR BRANDING GUIDELINES OUR. Five Guys Brand Identity and Standards Manual Coca Cola Company employer brand guidelines Yankee Candle Corporate Identity & Brand Standards.

Android As one of the most sophisticated smartphone operating systems on the market, Android does a fantastic job of branding themselves as a prominent leader in the industry. Their style guide features material designs for Android devices with themes, lists and cards, animations and drawables.

The guide also details their material design specifications that are available for Android 5. For some inspiration check out the guide via their website here.

Uber Uber is swiftly pushing the taxi industry off the road, allowing riders to experience transport at its finest. However, Uber is more than just that. The service has developed an influential brand that is well recognized all over the world. With innovative new technological ideas, its brand guide depicts all that Uber is - a stylish, new and vibrant growing business.

Join the ride and check out their new look here. What makes Sony so successful in branding is that they keep the logo simple and the identity of their products impressively advanced. To take a look at their stylish Brand Identity Guidelines via issuu, check it out here.

Heineken What better way to grab your audience's attention than to use vibrant colour palettes and unique designs? There are plenty of images with reference to their brand colours and logo placement, making this both stylish and visually appealing! Take a look via scribd here. The imagery is to be reduced using an optimization tool found in basic Photoshop applications.

Navigate through this style guide here. Coca-cola Your style guide should channel your brand's vision and mirror the principles and overall look of your business. The colour and calibration displayed in each packaging type really sets this brand guide apart from its competitors. The popular logo is even available for display on vehicles! Check it out here.

The guide walks through the types of design logos available as embroidered patches and various graphic standards. It specifies the nuances in the colour, spacing and background details of the brand logo on various garments like blazers, suits and on hats. The logo for emergency personnel gets a special mention.

There are also guidelines provided on the brand logo used in vehicles, publications and signboards. Check out their guide via their website here. This telecom giant also gives readers an idea of how to leverage their social media with their brand assets including profiles, display pictures and backgrounds. Have a look around via webguruafrica here. Short and sweet. Go on, explore the possibilities via their website here. There are plenty of examples and grids included that depict the brand's key features and assets.

For some insights, take a look here. Pixar Looking for inspiration?

They use the lamp icon in their logo, which is kept simple with black font on a white background. They focus on the creativity of their artists to design the site, with vibrant colour patterns. They use a navigation bar that is complex and looks like a reel of film. Get inspired and check it out here. This style guide of Commonwealth Bank uses plenty of pictures in the trademark black, white and yellow to demonstrate their branding style.

There is an easy to follow font, logo placement and typeface that is consistent across each page. The guide also breaks down the correct placement and use of logo, images, and typeface.

Check it all out via bittenbydesign here. Pepsi Visually stimulating, the style guide of Pepsi is very straight forward. The focus of the brand identity is the red, white, and blue logo. The colours are vibrant and custom to the brand while the trademark font is fun and all lower case without exception.

The guide covers a lot of the do's and don'ts of advertising the brand. Lexus This beautifully designed guide offers clear and easy to use chapters covering a range of topics. The Lexus style guide uses several diagrams to explain their popular logo and brand signatures. There are rich and luxurious colour palettes included that are harmoniously balanced. Following the introductory brief on the purpose of the manual, and public guidelines, the various official marks like the emblem, slogan element, logo, trophy etc.

The manual on concluding note cautions against usage of the official marks for private advertisements and offers the supply of the digital files detain the graphic guidelines of the official marks on request for reproduction. Dell What better way to present your style guide than to connect with your audience and provide brand transparency? This style guide focuses on preserving Dell's corporate personality through the use of their distinct colours and brand assets.

The guide also uses an appealing modern and approachable typeface. Take a look through their guide here! Ever wonder how Instagram packs such a powerful visual punch? Just look at their style guide. With a video that gives a brief introduction to the company's mission, and the multi-coloured camera image as their logo, Instagram does a fantastic job of conveying their strict branding rules, in an easy-to-digest manner.

Be inspired and check it out via their website here. Check out the guide here. If you're looking to build a style guide then Facebooks brand guides may just give you some inspiration.

100 Brand Style Guides You Should See Before Designing Yours

Find Facebook assets, logos, products names and images on their online style guide and learn how to use them. The guide sheds some light on the best, most effective way to integrate the Facebook brand and posts into any broadcast. Get inspired and take a look here.

The guide provides eloquent illustrations on good and bad logos, the nuances in colour format and positioning. The viewer also gets an idea of the different advertisements used with the recommended guidelines for each.

Specific instructions related to the usage of logo in different sites and media are helpfully provided. Take a look via mutlimedialab here. The manual concludes with the legal guidelines necessary to keep the company and the brand safe. Illustrations on one colour logo are also given with notes on correct and incorrect ways of usage. There are very clear instructions detailing the minimum logo size for both vertical and horizontal logo signatures along with information on tagline and typography.

It is based on the standards for advertising and trademark use in the United States.

Beginning with the overview on the brand equities, it gives an insight into price points and provides guidelines to advertise based on product type and availability in respective markets. Check out the colourful guide via scribd here. LinkedIn Are you looking for bits, pieces, guides and gizmos? Chose to grab just the brand elements you require or better yet, download the whole LinkedIn package in one single.

The guide features an impressive array of their well known blue and white logo designs, colour palettes and swatches. Check it all out via their website here.

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Leading technological giant, Toshiba reinforces its visibility and message of its visionary and lively brand through out all of its marketing material. The descriptive style guide covers all the bases for master art, positioning, colour coordination and guides for business cards.

McDonalds These Golden Arches are easily recognizable by consumers worldwide. Take a look via issue here. Their style guide feature everything from their logo, visual identity and branded merchandise to corporate templates, legal guidelines and editorial voices. Their red tag logo is featured and represents the business throughout the guide in visual form. The Vendor Guidelines not only shows how to emblazon the Woolworths logo on items but also gives detailed description on how to display its marketing material for print and television!

Take a look at their guidelines via their website here. Netflix Are you after a style guide that is visually appealing and attention grabbing? The Netflix style guide is exceptionally eye catching in its content as well as mode of presentation. The details referring to the particulars of the elements and conditions of usage of the logotype and secondary art are clearly mentioned through out the guide.

On the final page, important rules which need to be adhered to and additional resources are also provided. Virgin Ever wondered how Virgin's branding assets were designed? Then take a look at Virgin's very own style guide! There's a focus on the use of colour and font with a variety of pictures to demonstrate the look and feel of the brand. There are plenty of examples to show the user exactly what the brand personality is and what colours and fonts best show these points.

Explore the guide here. HSBC This guide is simple and gets straight to the point! It uses colour grids to show acceptable colours for the separate logos.

The logos are simple and the typeface is easy to read whilst also being clear and easy to navigate! There are several grids explaining those icons and colour used. Short and to the point, this guide quickly outlines the branding process.

There is a good use of colour and font in this guide. See how you can incorporate it into your style guide here. Mailchimp is setting itself apart from other social media and communication guides through its innovative and recognisable brand.

Their guide includes their stylish logo and their very own typeface — Helvetica Neue. Their quirky icons can provide inspiration for anyone looking to start their own style guide. SalesForce Do you know the basics of setting up your very own style guide?

Coke Zero Brand Identity Guidelines

Perhaps Salesforce can help you out! Take a look through the platform-agnostic CSS framework and download their guide here!

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For some inspiration, take a look via their online website here. The nuances in the colour, background, size and spacing is specified across the guide. The significance of brand identity and its associated guidelines are also explained well. This digital style guide is a visual treat! Check it out via Pinterest here. The guide uses the classy Mastercard colouring to dress up the style in the overall presentation.

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There are detailed sections on logo usage, typography, photography, icon styles and print examples. Check it out via Issuu here. Cisco Bright and colourful, this guide is anything but boring. Though rather compact and frugal with visual aides, this guide nonetheless covers the basics without being too wordy. The Cisco style guide is nicely laid out and uses style and colour to keep the reader engaged.

It is easy to understand and gets straight to the point! The style guide features a range of graphics and logos that reinforce the brand image throughout the manual. Take a look here. Very explicit illustrations; on what is acceptable and non-acceptable in the usage of the logo is provided to the viewer. There are notes on company brand name and trade name with specifications on usage, and products with their descriptors, with a concluding one on legal and trademark information and copyright.

Check out their style guide for essential tools, tips and assets. Refer to the following pages for the standards specific to the Arden Square. Coke Red, white and silver on a black background, as shown at right.

Exception For media in which color is not an option e. Remember their mindset when working with the Brand color palette: See black, think Coca-Cola Zero! Usage Black must predominate all executions. Silver and White Give top consideration when choosing secondary Brand colors to support the primary Brand colors. Do not use breakdowns from previous editions of the Brand Standards.

Typography The Brand Standards use the Gotham font family. This font family can be downloadd at www. Where local character language sets prohibit its use, the local market Group should set and communicate a standard that is as close a representation to the Gotham typeface as possible. Arial should never be used in consumer executions. For example, 10 pt.

This is an example of how to set type for Coca-Cola Zero body copy. This is 9 pt. Gotham Book with 11 pt. Gotham Book: This is 10 pt. Gotham Book with 12 pt. Flat Colors Use the backgrounds shown at right to emphasize a communication as well as the elements within it. Follow the standards below to ensure consistency for the Brand within a functional, flexible range of applications. Black Background Color Black is the primary background color.

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Black background. The product drives immediate craving for the liquid. Coca-Cola Zero product photography should drive a desire for the uniqueness of the ice cold liquid, the smooth familiarity of the Contour Bottle, the multi-sensorial drinking experience and the refreshing uplift Coca-Cola Zero provides — physically and emotionally.

Photography of the product should elicit the following types of reactions from consumers: Identity Standards: Use this Bottle photo for all product hero photography. However, if other Bottle perspectives or angles are needed, use this photo and the art direction outlined below as a photography guide for Bottle shape, graphics, lighting, condensation, ice, product color and glass color.

Contents Packaging: Graphic Design Standards Form Design Standards The following pages provide guidance on using these Elements to consistently execute the strategy in your market. Package Archetype: Sustaining Front Panel: Back Panel: Legal Text: Middle Panel: Please note: The Global Standard Contour Bottle is the archetype from which we derive the rules for packaging executions in all markets and across a range of materials and sizes.

Overall Proportions Silhouette relationship of elements to each other, from base to pinch waist to label area to shoulder. Overall Proportion: Contents Overview Arden Square Contour Bottle Customizable Signs Pitch Boards Overview The purpose of permanent signage for Coca-Cola Zero is both simple and paramount: From a tactical standpoint, proper application of the Sign System is vital to protecting and increasing Brand impact, consistency, scale and cultural relevance.

The standards in this chapter provide guidance for leveraging them all, in particular: Permanent Signage: Graphic Principles The design of permanent signs must always follow a graphic archetype that is iconic, bold, simple and without Brand messaging.

This timeless approach: Standard formats for conventional signage, as shown in this chapter: The remaining pages in this chapter provide standards for applying the archetype to key formats and types of permanent signage. Square Format: Contour Bottle The bold simplicity of this global icon is well suited for this format. Horizontal Format: Vertical Format: Pitch Boards Pitch boards offer a high-visibility, repeat-impression touchpoint for the Brand in sports venues and stadiums.

Applying the Design Principle of Bold Simplicity is key for signage in these environments, as all boards need to: Graphic Archetype Graphic Standards Paint Color Standards Application Standards for Graphics and Decals This chapter provides the standards for doing so, in particular: Approved digital files of the Core Brand Elements and customizable graphics for Fleet are available on the Design Machine website at www.

Graphic Archetype The design of fleet graphics must always follow an established archetype that is iconic, bold, simple and without Brand messaging. This approach: Discerning use of these Core Brand Elements, as shown in this chapter: Affix the decals according to their application instructions.

Measure, from top to bottom, the black space onto which the decal will be applied i. Calculate the size of the decal so that its height is approximately While the ideal clear space around decals is approximately Delivery Truck Sides Fleet graphics on large delivery trucks serve as mobile billboards.

Position it upright and centered in the Coke Red space of this panel. Center it in the black space, ensuring equal space on each side of the decal. Trademark Policies of The Coca-Cola Company Our trademarks include some of the best-known and most well-recognized trademarks in the world. As a result, our trademarks are among the most valuable assets of TCCC. However, with improper use, we run the risk of losing one or more of our trademarks altogether.

These policies and procedures for trademark protection and use should be followed to ensure consistent use and continued protection of our trademarks.

Exceptions, rarely, if ever, should be made. If you believe that an exception to any of these rules is appropriate, advance approval must be obtained. These rules include the following: A trademark should, whenever possible, be used as an adjective and followed by a generic term, so that it is clear that the trademark refers to a specific product that is of a particular type. If the context is clear that the reference is to a specific product of TCCC identified by the trademark, a trademark can also be used as a proper noun.

Trademarks of TCCC,. I bought a ZERO yesterday. If a trademark is used as a proper noun, care must be taken that the trademark is not used in a way that suggests that it is an everyday, generic term for a type of product. For this reason, use of a trademark as a proper noun should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by appropriate TCCC Trademark Counsel.

Use of our trademarks in the possessive or plural forms is discouraged, and all such uses must be approved by the appropriate TCCC Trademark Counsel. Our rights to our trademarks are strengthened and maintained when we use them properly and do not suggest that they are common, everyday terms that can be used to refer to products of many companies.

In creating slogans that include trademarks, do not use hyphens to link the trademarks to other words in the slogan. Incorrect Example: Hoorah-Coca-Cola Zero. Do not change in any way the spelling of a word mark.

Examples of such exceptions are: For trademarks that have a particular typeface, font, presentation or design element associated with them, use only graphic presentations that are approved. Trademark Policies of The Coca-Cola Company Particular typefaces, fonts, presentations and design elements are generally associated with only one brand. Do not use elements that have been approved for one brand with a different brand. Do not add any graphic or other design elements to an existing trademark of TCCC without approval for the use of those additional elements.

Slogans should be used only in connection with the product for which they are intended. Coke Zero, Obey Your Thirst. Such variations can sometimes strengthen the original trademark, but could sometimes be potentially damaging for legal or other reasons. All such variations could result in the creation of a new trademark that could infringe the rights of other parties and therefore would need to be searched and cleared prior to use.

For these reasons, it is important that all such proposed variations be submitted for approval to the appropriate TCCC Trademark Counsel prior to use. All such uses must be reviewed by the appropriate TCCC Trademark Counsel or Operations Counsel, in accordance with the standard practice of your Group, so that clarifying language can be added if necessary.

With limited exceptions, legal lines must accompany our trademarks whenever a trademark of another party appears with one of our trademarks, whether on packaging, vending machines, the Internet or otherwise.

Even in cases where the third party does not require a legal line, we still need to insert the appropriate TCCC legal line. Always include the hyphen whenever the trademark is displayed, even if the materials on which the graphics are based are archival pieces that do not include the hyphen. Do not combine the Dynamic Ribbon Device with third-party trademarks to create a new design or trademark.

December Contents Standards Management Principles Therefore, exceptions should be very limited. No work outside of the Standards should be started until an approval has been granted. Brand Standards Council The following are the primary contacts for reporting roll-out and adoption plans for the Brand Standards.

Where exception requests have a valid business case attached and will not live in market for more than 3 months, these contacts will also review exception requests as per their. EUG Brand: Barry Gerber Email: Danise van Vuuren-Nield, Bernadette Drankoski. EAG Brand: Linda Spencer Email: Cynthia Gonzalez LatAm Design: Guido Rosales LatAm Legal: Roxana Penagos Email: Shakir Moin Pacific Design: Shakir Moin Pacific Legal: Rachel Peterson Email: Santiago Bargagna Japan Design: Hide Matsunaga Japan Legal: Hirotoshi Adachi Email: Frederic Kahn NA Legal: Simply put, the Brand Identity and Design Standards exist to provide clear, reliable and enduring guidance on how to use the Brand Elements See More.

All Rights Reserved. December Contents Please note that updates to the Brand Identity and Design Standards will only be made once per year.This style guide shows you all you need to create an incredible package design that works well with the overall brand of your company.

In they commissioned design agency Turner Duckworth to produce a range of new packaging designs that would breathe new life into the cornerstones of Coke's visual identity; the classic logo, the contour bottle and the use of red and white. Lock-up Specifications Apply the standards below when pairing the Coca-Cola Zero Logo with the logo of another company for co-branding and partnership purposes.

The visual examples are great. There are several grids explaining those icons and colour used. However, illustrations are not permitted inside the shape of the Contour Bottle Symbol. The clever multi coloured use of tones and graphics really sets it aside from competitors as it channels their rainbow design logo.

Every year it seemed the company found a home in more and more countires such as Cambodia, Macau and Turkey.