Gym Candy book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. “Look, Mick,” he said, “you're going to find out from somebody in the. Authentic look at high school football culture and drug use. Read Common Sense Media's Gym Candy review, age rating, and parents guide. “Look, Mick,” he said, “you're going to find out from somebody in the gym, so you might as well find out from me. Those supplements you're taking? They might.

Gym Candy Book

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Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Having grown up in the shadow of his father's failed NFL . I found Gym Candy an entertaining book. I would be hard pressed to. “You know what I'm talking about—gym candy.”Runningback Mick Johnson has dreams: dreams of cutting back, finding the hole, breaking into. What other stuff?”?You know what I'm talking about?gym candy.”Runningback Mick Johnson has dreams: dreams of cutting back, finding the hole, breaking into .

Mick played catch with his dad everyday leading up to high school. Mick and his friends would go to the park whenever they could and play a pickup game of flag football. They absolutely loved football and everything about it.

The next year would be their freshman year and they had to beat out older players who were juniors. He also had to be out a junior for the starting spot. They worked really hard to get those starting spots. They did drills and got conditioned. The one thing that they didn't do was lift weights. They ended up not getting the starting spots. Mick was really mad. He didn't want to tell his dad because he felt that his dad would be disappointed.

Near the end of the year the two juniors that had the starting positions got in trouble and couldn't play for the rest of the year. Mick and Drew finally got their chance to prove what they have. They made it to the playoffs and they were playing their rival Foothill.

They were down a field goal and the team was on the five yard line near the end zone. The linebacker met Mick at the one yard line and tackled Mick backwards losing them the game. That was the end of their season. He then got motivated and started lifting weights at a gym that his dad owned.

When Mick got to the gym, he had a personal trainer. His name was Peter. They got to know each other very well. The downside to Peter, was he was into steroids. Peter introduced Mick to D-bol, which was a type of steroid.

Peter told Mick how it would put him above everybody and he would get the starting position. He was on that until the next season. He gained a lot of weight, and was lifting a lot more weight than he had been. He got the starting position but he could tell the steroids were wearing off. Mick wanted more and he needed to get more he thought when he actually did not. Mick wanted an upgrade and he got into shots.

They injected the fluid right into his body. He became addicted in a way. Mick was always putting that first and he almost got caught with it so many times. One game Drew came into the bathroom when Mick was shooting up. Drew asked what he was doing and Mick played it off that he was going to the bathroom. When the game was over, Mick packed his stuff and the steroids were not in his bag.

At this point, Mick freaked out and didn't know where his steroids were. He got back to the school and went straight to his jeep.

He was driving he then got a phone call from Drew. He told Mick to pick him up at his house, because he needed to talk to Mick. He was about to leave to pick up Drew. Before he left, he grabbed a handgun and went out the door.

He picked up Drew nobody talked for the first five minutes, and it was silent. They started talking when they got to the park, and Drew was just ranting about how he was going to tell coach. Mick was scared and didn't know what to do.

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He pulled the gun on Drew and made him promise he didn't tell anybody. Mick flinched when he shot, and the bullet just grazed his scalp. Drew picked him up and rushed him to the hospital. Mick then had to go to a rehab center, and he was not able to play football anymore let alone go to high school the way it used to be.

Mick was one of the main characters in this book. Mick was the son of Mike Johnson who used to be a pro football player. Mick worked hard and was very dedicated to the sport that he loved.

Mick had his mind set on one thing at all times.

Mike was also another main character in this book. Mike was the father of Mick, and he pushed Mick really hard towards one thing. Mike was a controlling character also a very strict character. It could have happened in today's society because of the equipment that was used. This is important to know because they might not have been able to get the steroids, helmets, and pads back in the day.

Thematic connection: In this book, Mick wanted to get bigger and he wanted to do it the cheap way out so the main theme would be peer pressure.

His dad pushed him to be the best and his trainer had a way to get him to be the best by using steroids. I would recommend this book to any gender, ages high school and up.

It has some harsh language. It is a higher reading level book, and some of the content might be harder for younger people to understand. Apr 03, Gunner rated it it was amazing. I read the book Gym Candy by Carl Deuker and the story follows a teenage boy and his friends and they are wanting to become pro football players one day. There are in the middle school right now there names are Mick Johnson, Drew, and then Deshawn they are all on the same football team and one is a wide receiver and one is a quarterback and the other is a linebacker.

But Mick johnson was running a touchdown and he is not big at all and some really big boy was coming after him and he got tackled. All of my characters were trying to make it to varsity football team and they wanted to be starters.

And Mick came across many adventures while he was trying out the steroids because there were going to be many side effects, they were going to make his depressed then angry.

When he was walking down the hall to go to one of his classes someone accidently bumped into him and he grabbed them by their shirt and was screaming at them. The book really opened my eyes because throughout the book it really came to me and I was enjoying the book so much and it made me like never wanna stop reading it when I started but when he was playing football I felt the same way he did because when he played he tried the best that he could because he wanted to be a good influence on the rest of the football players on his team.

I like this book a lot because I love to play football or watch it or read it just anything that involves football I will enjoy it. My favorite part of the book was when they were playing one of the biggest and the most toughest school out of the whole state, and at the end of the book he tried to kill himself.

The author of my book wrote the book good because he made it where you could read it clearly and while u were reading he made it where you never wanna stop reading the book when you first start. But I would have liked it if he would have made the end of the book a little differently than he did. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes football or like to read about it or play it or just really anyone who would want to read about it.

I would want anyone who likes to read or just anyone who like football in general. Aug 09, Mason Soerens added it. It shows the struggle and hardship of playing football.

It really describes how challenging it is to get good at it, and become a star athlete. Once someone is there, it is easy to do stupid things to stay there. His father started practicing with Mick when he was really young. Going from pee wee football to high school football, Mick found challenges, but still loved the game. Challenges like when he got a new coach, and when a new kid on the team came who was really good and practiced hard.

One time during his freshman year, Mick found himself not strong enough and failed to score the winning touchdown. After that, Mick started to get serious into lifting. He tried his best. He went and bought supplements to help while he was lifting, so he could get stronger.

Then when he started going to a different gym, his personal trainer, Peter, introduced him to something different: He became faster and stronger, and he loved it. Then roid rage, depression, and the fact that he could be kicked out of football set in, and everything started spiralling out of control from there. It is an amazing book that isn't just about sports but also dealing with criticism and trying to better oneself and facing extreme challenges. Oct 11, Brayden rated it it was amazing.

But he ends of finding out that his dad really made it to the NFL. So, that's when he begins to question what his dad told the truth about. He ends up looking up his dad on the internet and finds out that his dad had issues coming to practices and he partied to much.

He got drafted my the Charges but never played because he didn't go to practices and he loved drinking and parting. He wanted to show his dad that he was not going to be like his dad. Mick had troubles through his first year with Steroids and other things but he never gave up until he tried to kill himself but missed.

You should read this book because It is really interesting and if you love books that get you on the edge of your seat then you will love this book. This book brings a variety of feeling when your reading it.

Gym Candy is a good book and I recommend it. Nov 20, Brandon rated it really liked it. This book starts with the main character Mick Johnson playing football in the back yard with his dad. He was trying to beat his dad and score a touchdown.

After a couple of time Mick passed his dad and scored. One day Mick was giving up on one of his teammates Drew, and Drew was beating him in everything he did. If Mick wanted to play he was going to need to show more effort, in order to be on varsity team offense and defense.

After a couple practices and lifts Drew became more intense and more This book starts with the main character Mick Johnson playing football in the back yard with his dad. After a couple practices and lifts Drew became more intense and more with it than before. And Mick's dad had given him the opportunity to go lift at this facility called Popeyes, it was free and Mick would have a personal trainer. Once Mick had started to lift at this new area he was called to the back of the gym and his trainer named Peter had showed him steroids, and Mick started taking them and paying Peter money that he had made working for his dad.

Once Mick's season began he was in the process of using illegal steroids and after the season was on the way and the games came along Mick was doing amazing, there was so many records broken and he made his whole team happy with him. After games were flying by and the season was about over Mick had been caught using steroids and he was then suspended from the team for a week and could not play until the last game.

The last game was the week Mick was back and could play it was against Foothill an undefeated team, Mick only went in a few times because of his poor action with the steroids, but once the game was over Shilshole had won the game with a score of 24 t0 6 Shilshole had won the title. I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys reading football books, Mike Lupica is also one of my favorite sports authors.

Sep 05, McClain Meyer rated it it was amazing Shelves: Gym Candy by Carl Deuker There is some books that you do not remember that much, but this one was special. I will remember this one for the rest of my life. This book keeps you interested with action that make you want to keep reading. I give Gym Candy a five star because of the characters personality, it teaches a lesson, and it keeps the reader on their toes. In Gym Candy the characters personality is amazing and very interesting.

The main character, Mick Johnson always works hard at everythi Gym Candy by Carl Deuker There is some books that you do not remember that much, but this one was special. The main character, Mick Johnson always works hard at everything. In football at some point he gets put to second stringer and he doesn't like that so he tries to beat him out.

You can tell he is mad and cares about his playing time. Reading Gym Candy you notice there is a lesson being taught. Mick starts out as a young great athlete and towards the end he almost ruins in entire career.


Mick tries out steroids for the first time and he got tuck on them. His personal trainer named Peter gave them to him and told him everything was fine and nobody would ever find out. At the end he pays for it because he got caught and he is in a hospital for recovery. Throughout this book I would say it keeps you on you interested when reading the story. The author, Carl Deuker, always keeps you on your toes reading and reading.

When I read this book I just didn't want to stop reading because of all the action and I couldn't deal with cliffhangers.

Carl Deuker does a great job of keeping you involved and interested. Overall I give this book a five star because of the consistity. The author made the characters have good personality, gives a lesson, and keeps the reader interested. I highly recommend this book because of all the reasons and Carl Deuker is a great writer. In the future I will read his other books because this one was so amazing.

Mar 13, Tyler Zellmer rated it it was amazing. It is a pretty good book. It sort of makes you mad about three quarters of the way through. But there are not any boring parts in the book. It is good throughout the whole thing. It did not take very long to get into. Within the first couple chapters it will hook you.

I would recommend it to anyone who likes sports books or just sports. The Story is about Mick Johnson. When he was four his dad started teaching him how to play football. He would take him in their yard and have him try and get past It is a pretty good book.

He would take him in their yard and have him try and get past his dad to the end zone. As he got older he played for pop Warner. A few years later he went up to high school football.

He wanted to be as good if not better than his dad was because he used to be a football superstar. On his first year on the team he went to varsity but did not start till the starter got caught drinking. When Mick started he missed the game winning touchdown by a foot and was disappointed. His dad told him he was weak.

Mick started going to new gym with a trainer his dad got him. His trainer got him started by giving him gym candy which made him lift more and become very strong, very fast. The rest of the story is about Mick and what the gym candy was doing to him and how it was paying off but yet hurting him.


The book really grabs your attention in the book. It makes you feel like you are actually there. It really describes the way he feels. It feels like you are in his head.

Definitely worth the read. It is a really good book and I would recommend reading it. Nov 01, Damien Hernandez rated it it was amazing. Mick Johnson a football player who started his training around the age of four years old. Even though you think that he might be in the same age group so many kids will be the same weight wise.

No he stayed back a year so he for sure would be bigger than most of his grade but that still wouldn't be enough. Growing up all he wanted was to be in the NFL make it pro May 15, Noah David rated it really liked it. Jan 25, Nicky H8b added it. Feb 21, Jasper Lai added it.

I think this is a very encouraging book and I really like how the author developed Mick point of view. Apr 05, Inho rated it it was amazing. It was a very gripping book that always kept me hooked in. I'm not a sports person myself, but this really gives me an idea of what players are getting into and how they get out of it. It's a fantastic book for anyone, even if you're not into sports. The characters are great, and you can start to feel a connection between them, which makes this book so captivating.

Mick is a son of a famous football star, who encourages him to get into football. In highschool, he really starts to get into becomin It was a very gripping book that always kept me hooked in. In highschool, he really starts to get into becoming a better football player by putting protein-powder in his drinks and working out daily.

However, when he transitions from his old school's weight room to a weight room that his father used to go to, he finds out that steroids might be a better option while playing games. May 14, Kim Bahr rated it it was amazing. Second time reading it and still drawn into the story! Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. Realistic Fiction. About Carl Deuker. Carl Deuker. Books by Carl Deuker.

Personal goals as well as parental pressure drive Mick to seek ways to speed things up. He knows he needs to be bigger and stronger, but natural growth is way too slow.

Pills and protein powder from the health supplement store seem like a possible answer. He even gets his dad to agree and pay for the expense. Maybe he's on his way to playing bigger, faster, and stronger. When Mick starts increasing his weight training time, his dad has another answer. The radio station where he works is the new owner of the local fitness center -- and free memberships for employees come with the deal.

Mick starts working out with his own personal trainer. Peter, the trainer, has other ideas of how to help develop power. Mick's competitive drive pushes him toward steroid use, with all its positive results and negative side effects. His game and his body do get stronger, but at what cost? Friends, health, and personal pride suffer as Mick becomes more and more involved with the performance-enhancing drugs. His use of non-stop, play-by-play action, realistic teen frustrations, and personal demons make this a book even reluctant readers will be reluctant to put down.

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Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Is he going to keep a secret or not? Find out to read the book. It was a really good book because things kept happening and it was really interesting. I would recommend it to someone who like football and is the age of This book is about an eighth grader named Mick Johnson protagonist.

He goes through a series of tests like the 40 yard dash and stats in a scrimmage. His friends Drew and Deshawn are trying to get on the varsity team too. Mick is trying to beat the best running back in tryouts Matt Drager antagonist. He has better stats than every other running back except Drager. Mick tries as hard as he can to be the first string running back. Mick makes the varsity team, but he is second string.

His dad is happy with the results. During the season the whole team was working out in the school weight room Matt Drager and one of his friends come in and Matt's friend hold on to Mick and Matt punches him in the gut multiple times.On his first year on the team he went to varsity but did not start till the starter got caught drinking.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It is always nice to find a book that you can relate to. Apr 02, Caitlin rated it it was amazing. It was one of my favorite sports books I have ever read. Parents need to know that there are some heavy subjects in this novel, including teen steroid use, suicide, and violence related to drug use.