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Information Is Beautiful Book

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Information is Beautiful book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Facts, statistics, issues, theories, relationships, numbe. In December our data visualization book of the month is “Information is Beautiful” by David McCandless. Contrary to our previous pick, this book. Home · Sport & Lifestyle · Gift books; Information is Beautiful (New Edition) - We are overwhelmed by information – from our phones, our televisions, our.

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As is appropriate for a book aimed more at the coffee table than the academic library, Information is Beautiful comes with no explanation of the graphical idioms used.

Nor does it come with any summary of conclusions or discussion of the implications drawn from the data or the visualization. It is more like the glossy book of fabulous beaches from around the world which contains little or no indication of where these places are or what is just out of sight, or lurking behind the scene.

This is, in my opinion, a grave oversight. For example, the first piece presents a number of types of spending e. Here the intended implication is clear — the financial crisis cost a lot more than all that other stuff that you think is costing us a lot. But what is the scope of all the other stuff? If so, what percentage of all defense budgets do they represent?

Are there other events which provide more context e. It is clear that the auther has selected the variables being compared with the recession, but without knowledge of the selection criteria it is hard to know either the intended spin, or how meaningful the conclusion that the reader is lead to might be. Predictive Analytics Influences App Development For Emerging Markets The second graphic — an exploration of the values and opinions of left and right leaning political positions — suffers in a similar way from a lack of context.

What are we to make of this? Is this the opinion of the author?


Or is it somehow a statement derived from one of the sources quoted at the bottom of the image wikipedia, britannica.Here the intended implication is clear — the financial crisis cost a lot more than all that other stuff that you think is costing us a lot. The visual structure comes into play only at the end of the research stage, following the pages and pages of spreadsheets a reader never gets to see.

I think this will go down as one of the great, if not the greatest, coffee-table book of my generation. This is information like you have never seen it before — easy to flick through but also engaging enough to study — information that comes to life in your hands and your eyes.

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